Top 5 Best Sounding Cars of All-Time

By: Daniel Kim

Featured Image - "PORSCHE CARRERA GT" by Eddy Clio is licensed by CC 2.0

It’s extremely subjective, but here are 5 exhaust noises that give Car Crazy Dan an RB.

5. Mazda 787B 4-rotor

Car Crazy Dan says: “If my farts sounded like the 787b’s downshifts, I’d rip ass in front of hot girls and wouldn’t give a fuck.” (pay attention to the downshift at 1:18 which Nico Bleker calls the best sound he’s ever heard)

4. Lexus LFA V10

Car Crazy Dan says: “When you tell the officer who pulled you over you thought you were Rubens Barrichello, he might believe you.”

3. Pagani Zonda R

Car Crazy Dan says: “I will study harder in Italian class, so I can scream staccato obscenities at the top of my lungs, pretending I am Valentino Rossi, making wild hand gestures while watching this video, causing my neighbors to think I have lost my mind and call the police.”

2. Ferrari F50 GT1 LM

Car Crazy Dan says: “As Doug Hayashi so eloquently put it: THAT sound.”

1. Porsche Carrera GT

Car Crazy Dan says: “I originally had the F50 at #1, but I changed my mind after hearing the GT’s V10 again.”

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