Omega Motorsport No Fly Zone 5

Rear 3/4 view of a red Bugatti Veyron

Who knew that Ettore Bugatti and Ace Hood would have so much in common?

There are only two things I will miss sleeping in for on weekends: track days or football. Ok, getting up early for Omega Motorsport’s No Fly Zone 5 wasn’t that bad as I was riding shotgun the entire day, but, everybody knows weekend Z’s are the best part of weekends.

That and not having to hear your co-workers trade jokes in meme speak for 8 hours: “Y U NO SHUT UP AND TALK LIKE NORMAL HUMAN BEING??”

Actually I lied, getting up for track days/racing events isn’t much of a sacrifice at all. Because as soon as I gain consciousness on those blessed mornings, even in complete darkness, I know I’m just hours away from getting the mother of all car-junkie adrenaline rushes, or what my hero Doug Hayashi coined: “hitting the go-fast crack pipe.”

And as No Fly Zone 5 was going to be a go-fast crackheads dream come true with it’s A-list lineup of exotic machinery, Car Crazy Dan had to get his fix.

Profile shot of ice1cube's MKIV Toyota Supra

I had the privilege of being invited to the event by my good friend Frank, also know by his YouTube alias: ice1cube. His quick-spooling, E85-fueled single-turbo MKIV Supra would be my press box for the day. Putting down around 600-900rwhp depending on boost settings, his derpy Killer Whale-faced weapon of choice held the capacity line-up against just about anyone and make for an entertaining race.

….or an ego-crushing one as I have personally witnessed Frank’s ride embarass $100,000+ machines like they were Car Crazy Dan on a blind date. 


Street’s closed, pizza boy….

The premise of the event is simple: you have a wide, 1/2 mile long airstrip at your disposal for the day and you race whoever you want. There are no wanna-be street racers here, everyone is about safety first, speed second.

In what was an amazing day, three particular moments stood out:

1. Getting up close and personal with a Bugatti Veyron

The guy who brought the Veyron brought that AND a Porsche Carrera GT on a trailer whose floor looked cleaner than a computer science major’s social calendar. He reminded me of Dan Bilzerian except with no beard, no guns and no silicone entourage.

2. Capturing an epic race between Frank’s Supra and a brand new, Lamborghini Aventador

Me: “Hey, what color is that??”
Aventador owner: “I don’t even know!”

So far in my 30-years of existence, the most baller thing I have ever heard someone say.

3. Getting a ride along in a 1000+whp Nissan GT-R

Let me tell you, I’ve been in some fast cars, but this was just straight dumb. I really hate trying to describe the sensation of speed in words, but I’ll give it a shot because I love you guys:

It’s like when you go to light speed on the Star Tours ride at Disneyland, except instead of R2-D2 bleeping some shit only C-3PO can understand, you hear me laughing hysterically.

May the Force be with you on all your adrenaline seeking adventures, my friends (cue Star Wars theme).

Speed parachute equipped on back of SP Engineering's GT-R

“Pizza Schmizza Bike” by Cycling Portland licensed by CC 2.0

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