MotoGP: Fail Physics, Get Trophies

Featured Image – “Creative Commons Gran Premio de Aragón de MotoGP Podio de la carrera de MotoGP” by José Ángel Biel Rivera is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“I would have probably stolen cars – it would have given me the same adrenaline rush as racing.” -Valentino Rossi

I like to call MotoGP riders the “8th Wonder of the Modern World.” If you sit down and think about what they’re actually doing – it’s a miracle. No human being should be able to drift a two-wheeled machine at over 100mph.  Or lean a motorcycle over so much that not only his knee, but his ELBOW is scraping against the ground.  It’s like these dudes went to physics class – listened to the professor for a few minutes and said “Whatever teach, your rules don’t apply to me.”   

Maybe physics just isn’t part of the educational system in Spain, a country where MotoGP has an especially strong following.  My theory is a century ago, two Spanish guys had this conversation during a particularly boring physics lecture, permanently banning the teaching of physics in Spain and forever altering the course of human history: (this should all be read in the voice of “Joker’s” character from the movie Next Friday)

Jorge: “Bro, this class sucks. I have an idea for a new class. Let’s fence off a small area of town, get hammered and then release some bulls behind everyone.”
Marc: “Ok…..that sounds fun but, how do you actually get graded?”
Jorge: “Easy man, whoever doesn’t get trampled or gored or mauled, passes!”

As you can see, the Spaniard’s definition of a good time varies a bit from most. While were on the topic of mentally stability, wouldn’t you find it perfectly reasonable that you shouldn’t compete in the top level of motorcycle racing when you have a broken bone or a piece of your finger left somewhere inside your glove?  Apparently, MotoGP riders refer to this notion of self-preservation as “coping out.”

Last season, two-time MotoGP World Champ Jorge ‘Mantequilla’ Lorenzo finished 5th place at the Dutch Grand Prix TWO DAYS after breaking his collarbone.

And check this. Bradley Smith placed 9th at Mugello with an entirely destroyed left-hand pinky finger.  After the race he received surgery and a skin graft.  I remember Smith being interviewed on BBC and being asked how it felt to equip his left glove — the grimace on his face told all.  Smith was in so much pain he could NOT PUT ON HIS OWN GLOVE, one of his crew members had to finagle it onto his hand.

Their ability to withstand pain and not get distracted by hot umbrella girls tell me these are not normal men. If you want to see real superheroes in action just tune into the 2014 MotoGP season, kicking off March 23 in Qatar (Commercial Bank Grand Prix of Qatar).

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