Man in Singapore pays £1.5 million for Alfa Romeo Touring Disco Volante

Like the man from Singapore who paid $2.5 million to own a car he couldn’t legally drive (an Alfa Romeo Touring Disco Volante, featured in Top Gear S21E04), sometimes we oddly spend money on things that serve only the sole purpose of providing visual pleasure: sports memorabilia, paintings and if we’re lucky, fine automobiles.

I understand where our friend from the far East is coming from. There’s something to be said for being completely infatuated with the looks a vehicle – regardless of its pedigree or what’s under the hood.

If I think back to all the different cars I’ve had the good fortune of owning, my favorite was a 2012 Corvette Grand Sport coupe – and it’s not only because it had a dry-sump, handbuilt 6.2L V8, 4-piston caliper REAR brakes and 325mm wide rear tires – it’s because the mere sight of it made me happy.

I spent more time gawking at that car than any other car I’ve owned. There’d be times I’d go to the garage and just stand in the doorway, gazing upon its beautiful form. Or I’d be leaving the gym and just plop myself down on an adjacent curb, admiring the car’s freshly detailed paint under a clear, California moon lit night.

Yeah, sure, I’d be beside myself if, for some strange reason, I weren’t able to actually drive it – but what I’m trying to say is that a big part of what I paid for with that car was the right to lustfully gaze upon it whenever I wished, knowing that it was mine and mine alone.

Even today, I’ll once in a while go back and look through photos of it. I’ve never done that so frequently with any of my other cars and I hope to be able to enjoy that same feeling with every future car I own, should I be so lucky.

And a final piece of advice to all my cherished readers out there – forget about fuel economy, 0-60 times and resale value – buy the car that speaks to your heart, to your soul. Buy the car that makes your commute bearable because you look forward to driving it so much. Buy the car that your friends gossip about. Buy the car that’s nicer than your bosses.

Buy the car that you can creep out on for hours on end knowing it’s not going to run to its boyfriend and tell him to beat your ass. Wait, what?

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